The Church on Congress – Day 3

With every day here at South Congress comes new experiences, more hard work, and more jobs completed. As a team, our ultimate goal is to finish all of our jobs as efficiently and as quickly as possible. And today? We did just that.

For the first half of the morning, our groups tackled steam cleaning and power washing again, as more chairs were brought forward and more areas were found to be cleaned. In fact, we are power washing certain areas of the building in order to paint there!

My team that was working on the VBS set faced considerable challenges this morning as our equipment dwindled down to a handsaw, a half-dead drill, and a staple gun that proceeded to break in half. Yet, with perseverance we made a significant amount of progress before convening for lunch.

After lunch, we held a team meeting where it was decided that a majority of the group would work solely on painting in order to knock out that job and free some hands to help other groups. With these orders, we broke off to start work again, further determined to get the job done.

The VBS team and I tackled some of our larger problems today as we came up with new ways of securing various materials. A lot of improvisation as used to complete the base of our tree, yet we are all proud of our results.

With the exceptional pace our group is working at, I have no doubt that we’ll finish all of our tasks on time, or dare I say it, early!  I’m awfully proud of our team and all the hard work we’ve done.

Keep our team in your prayers that we may be energized and ready for these last two days!

See you tomorrow,

Lauryn Ward