Wednesday 2nd grade!

Today 2nd grade started off by getting ready for our afternoon visit to the fire station.  Our kindergarten buddies made large firetruck cards for them and we picked out our favorite Bible verses and added them to the poster.  We continued to work on decorations for the cultural fair which will be tomorrow including a large watercolor map of Jamaica.  After that we hopped in vans and went to Pillow elementary.  While at Pillow we went into Pre K classes and  interacted with them.  We read, did puzzles, colored, and played with them. Our 2nd graders were wonderful mentors to the Pillow Elementary children and this activity was everyone’s favorite !  After lunch, we joined with our Kindergarten buddies and walked to the fires station to deliver a basket of goodies and our posters.  It was a beautiful walk and our hearts were full as we reflected on a day of serving Pillow and our wonderful firefighters.