Galveston Day 3: God is moving

The coolest thing about our school, Hyde Park, is that it reflects the world. We all look different and have different thoughts. But God loves us all the same.

Today, as we were playing with kids in the rain and making crafts with them, it was hard to let them go but we are all changing, one way or the other. The kids are working so hard to love these kids. By playing basketball among other sports with the kids, by getting on your hands and knees and helping the child, we can make a difference.

In the afternoon, we all spread out to do more yard chores and to clean the

GUM building. Some of us also went on a tour of Galveston and learned the importance of maturity and thinking outside the box. We had a great day!

Our debrief tonight was strong as we discussed the days event and needed with a trip to Dollar General and a movie night!