A Thousand Thanks

Thanks to The Eleven Boys and the Twins …

Here is a thought or two about what I appreciated about each of you on this trip.

The first night we were meeting up on Hollywood Blvd. at the CVS in LA, Denton walked over to a girl playing music a few feet away and slipped a bill in her hand. It really touched something in me. I’ll long remember that moment when he thought no one was looking.

Patrick asked such great questions about what he saw. He’s a thinker with a big heart. Patrick has always always been so kind to me.

Knox has such a great humor and takes life in great strides. He was such a great trooper on this trip. He has been nothing but kind to me.

William could not have handled himself better in a rough patch getting sick! He is such a respectful and genuine young man.

Jax participated fully and you could count on him to do the right things. He is humble and kind and passionate about what he does.

Brendan truly honored our Tour Guide by sharing in the group about her—meant a lot to the Joshua Expeditions Guide. One time, Brendan came to my defense in a conversation and it spoke volumes to me. I’ll never forget him walking home his new friend.

Bailey reached out to include people and was a great addition to the whole group bringing them together. She is so cooperative!

Paige is humble and kind and respectful and added so much to this trip. You can count on Paige to give 100%! So sad to lose them early.

Max jumped in with whatever was asked of him whether in the van, on the streets, with the homeless or kids. So appreciated that.

Alec is always so patient and kind to me and his willingness to cooperate and participate was greatly appreciated.

Hayden took great initiative to meet the homeless making sure they felt connected. And he did it with the kids too. He was the leader moving quickly into the lives of those we met.

Andrew handled himself so well in a group and is such an asset. He charts his own course well.

Wyatt always stood tall to pray. He loved the Compton kids so much reaching out to play with them like they were his best friends. He was a magnet to the kids. And the same with the homeless, toting his red wagon of food and big heart for the underserved. I loved that.

Maris was an awesome JE Tour Guide for this group. They could not have loved and enjoyed her any more! She made this trip what it was! All the boys treated her with great love and care like she was their best friend and she probably will always be. She was on their side all the way. Thanks Maris—-you were one of the best things on this trip!

Zach Tuthill was the best handpicked teacher I could ever work with on a trip like this. His flexibility, his character, his faith spoke volumes!