Unwanted, Unloved, Uncared for

And so we end at Venice Beach. From the cleft of the rocks to our home on the heights, May we humble ourselves. A Kingdom is coming. God determined our boundaries, the place we shall live. Acts 24:16. Such a good week to share out of our own place, our own stories. The greatest disease in LA is not mental illness or chronic disease. it is being unwanted, unloved, uncared for. There is a hunger far greater than any man has seen in LA. There is a hunger for Love. A hunger for God. As we wrap up our LA week, may we have eyes to see what satisfies our own hunger. The worst poverty is not found in 54 blocks. The worst poverty is hunger of the soul. We’ll drive up to our own street address about 1:30am. As we arrive home a little worn and wonder-filled, may it be with a greater hunger for what really matters in life no matter if it’s on the rocks or mountaintops. #hpgoweeklosangeles #venicebeach