5th Grade GoWeek Reflections

This week in 5th Grade we have been learning about GoWeek and what it looks like in all the grades at Hyde Park. We have watched videos from previous years of High School Trips. The kids have loved it. They are already excited for their High School GoWeek! We have also done a few service projects. On Monday we did messages to our teachers right here at Hyde Park thanking them for all their hard work over an unprecedented and crazy year. On Tuesday we wrote letters to the children at Dell’s Children’s Hospital and today we are going to personalize coloring books for these kids as well. Lastly, we are watching a video called a “On the way to School.” This showcases four children in other countries and their journey to school. It is a great way to be able to talk about how lucky we are to be at school and how our journey is very different than other kids in different countries! It has been a great start to Go Week for the 5th graders here at Hyde Park!