Team Philippines-Speedway 3rd Grade- Day 5

GOweek has come to a close. It’s been a memorable week of serving others, praying together, and learning about local organizations that provide much needed services in the Austin area. Today’s run at Camp Mabry was windy and cold but we had a blast getting in as many laps as we could. We even had the opportunity to see a helicopter take off! It was exciting to hear that Hyde Park School has officially donated over $16,000 for Batten disease over the last three years. Today was truly a victory lap. Thank you again for supporting GOweek!


Team Philippines-Speedway 3rd Grade-Day 4

Third grade opened day four of Goweek by leading chapel this morning. Both classes did an amazing job teaching about the fruits of the spirit and leading a song using sign language and fun motions to engage pre-k through fifth grade.

Today we traveled to fourth and fifth grade classrooms where we learned about their country of study. Students made a Ukrainian Easter egg and a Rwandan woven basket. We taught the fourth and fifth graders how to make a parol, a traditional Christmas decoration in the Philippines.

Tomorrow is our final day of Goweek! We will join the rest of the elementary at Camp Mabry for a “victory lap” run and then head our separate ways for Spring Break. Thank you for following our blog and for supporting Goweek!

Team Philippines-Speedway 3rd Grade-Day 3

It was another great day in third grade. Today we welcomed a speaker from the Junior League of Austin. She told us about Food In Tummies, a group that is dedicated to providing healthy food for children who might go without food each weekend. The children made cards for recipients of the “FIT” meal deliveries. You can find more information at

This afternoon we practiced our presentation for tomorrow’s chapel. Do you want to know more about the fruits of the spirit? Join us at 8:05!

Team Philippines-Speedway 3rd Grade- Goweek Day 2

Third grade had another busy day of giving and learning about local ministries. After collecting canned goods for the last three weeks, students walked their food donations to the Hyde Park Food Pantry. We were amazed at what two third grade classes were able to give Austinites in need!

This afternoon we learned about two local ministries. Happy Birthdays shared that foster children don’t get birthday parties like we do. We learned that we can donate party items and gifts in a decorated box to provide a birthday party for a child. You can learn more at Third grade also learned about an organization called Footprints. We learned that sometimes kids are having a hard time and need extra kindness and support. You can learn more at

Tomorrow we will learn more about the Philippines and practice our chapel presentation for Thursday.

Team Philippines-Monday, March 11th

It was a wonderful first day of Goweek for third grade! We spent part of our day learning more about the flag of the Philippines and noting what it has in common with our flag and how it is different. Today and tomorrow students will be writing letters to active military members. They are off to a great start with their letters!

Our guest speaker of the day came to Hyde Park to share about the work of Austin Diaper Bank. You can find more information about supporting this organization at In the afternoon we loaded into vans and headed to the Austin Baptist Community Center. This ministry has been in Austin since 1941! We learned how they provide assistance to people in the Austin community and toured their property. Ms. Pat was a wonderful host and shared several ways people of all ages can help at the Austin Baptist Community Center. Please visit their site at or call Ms. Pat directly at 512-478-7243.

The day ended in chapel where we sang and prayed together. We are looking forward to tomorrow’s activities!

Team Philippines-Goweek Chapel-Friday, March 8th

Third grade joined the high school Philippines group during Goweek chapel today. We sang together, prayed together, and recognized each team that will serve during Goweek. It was moving to see how Hyde Park students will bless others locally, nationally, and around the world. We look forward to serving from the Speedway campus next week.

Team Philippines-Speedway Campus

Third grade recently gathered with a few members from Team Philippines from the high school. Mr. Severino brought lumpia to share at lunch. It was delicious! Mr. Severino taught us a game called piko during recess. The game reminded us of hopscotch. We can’t wait to sit with Team Philippines at GOweek chapel on Friday, March 8th!