2nd Grade- Day 4

Second graders enjoyed a Valentines party a little late! Fun was still had by all and the anticipation of waiting made it even better!


2nd Grade- Day 3

Today the 2nd graders completed their cards for one of our Hyde Park friend’s battling cancer. We were even able to deliver them to him in person at the end of the day!

We also had the opportunity to film personal thank you videos for our HP teachers and staff to thank them for all the hard work and love they have shown us this year. We love our HP community!

2nd Grade- Day 2

Today we served by making pictures to encourage a sweet Hyde Park boy who has been battling cancer.  The class had fun drawing all of the boy’s favorite foods and animals.  We know that many kids are facing battles similar to the one our sweet friend is. We will also be exploring the impact of cards on children battling illness at St. Judes by sending virtual messages to them

2nd Grade – Day 2

Second grade traveled to Pillow Elementary today to read with their Pre-K 4 students.  We laughed and played together!  The second grade students said, “We made new friends. We made their faces light up.” The students were amazing and I was so proud to be their teacher. They LOVED having their own buddy for the whole morning. They read to them, played with them on the playground, and then ate lunch with them. Each Hyde Park student was kind, respectful, and acted like a leader. We are excited to go back tomorrow!

2nd Grade – Day 1

Tomorrow, 2nd grade is heading over to Pillow Elementary to read with their Pre-K 4 students.  In preparation, the second graders read to our own 4K students today!  We had the chance to show 4K students new words and numbers from the books that they might not have known which could have inspired them to read more and grow their love for reading. We showed them love by smiling and using kind words the entire time! We have not had many chances to partner with the 4K group specifically this year so it was fun to see their faces light up when they met someone new and read silly books together. Each 2nd grader had a big smile on their face the entire time we were reading. The joy in the classroom was evident from start to the end!

“We read a Dr. Seuss book to our 4K friends to practice for going to Pillow Elementary tomorrow and it was fun for 4K.” – Caroline

2nd Grade: Cultural Fair Thursday!

Today 2nd grade had a blast teaching Pre K, Kindergarten, and First grade all about JAMAICA at the cultural fair.  Students learned about popular Jamaican food, the quadrille dance, the rastacap, the national bird, the climate, and the animals that live there.  They also enjoyed listening to reggae music and hearing a kids story from Jamaica. Students tasted sugar cane, plantain chips, and drank Ting juice.  It was rewarding for the 2nd graders to serve the younger students at Hyde Park by teaching them and helping them make Jamaican mini books.  After teaching others, we had the opportunity to experience other classrooms.  We learned about Guatemala, the Bahamas, and Costa Rica.  We had a wonderful day and look forward to wrapping up our week tomorrow with the annual Fun Run to support research for Batten Disease. 

Wednesday 2nd grade!

Today 2nd grade started off by getting ready for our afternoon visit to the fire station.  Our kindergarten buddies made large firetruck cards for them and we picked out our favorite Bible verses and added them to the poster.  We continued to work on decorations for the cultural fair which will be tomorrow including a large watercolor map of Jamaica.  After that we hopped in vans and went to Pillow elementary.  While at Pillow we went into Pre K classes and  interacted with them.  We read, did puzzles, colored, and played with them. Our 2nd graders were wonderful mentors to the Pillow Elementary children and this activity was everyone’s favorite !  After lunch, we joined with our Kindergarten buddies and walked to the fires station to deliver a basket of goodies and our posters.  It was a beautiful walk and our hearts were full as we reflected on a day of serving Pillow and our wonderful firefighters.