Putting Our Community First!

Today for Go Week our 7th-grade kiddos had the opportunity to pack boxes of food for our friends at Community First! Village. We gave our students a “shopping list” and a recipe to follow to make sure that each box had the correct ingredients. We then wrote letters of encouragement and made bracelets with words of encouragement to help uplift our friends at the Village. It was an amazing project that allowed our students to learn about homelessness and hunger in our area. After our service, we were treated to Mighty Fine! Burgers and Kona Ice by one of our families. Thank you for an amazing GoWeek!


Active Empathy

Today was a lesson in perseverance and working through things we might not be the best at right away. Our 7th graders worked on making more paracord bracelets for Operation Gratitude. For some of our kiddos, this was pretty easy; for others, this was a true test in following instructions to the letter. Some of our students put together snack bags with encouraging notes for Ronald McDonald House. We also practiced following a recipe by making no-bake cookies for Mobile Loaves and Fishes. We ended our day with some team-building activities that included figuring out how to fly a kite, hula hoop, bounce on a hippity-hop, and throw a Frisbee in the crazy wind. Our kiddos showed a lot of determination, grit, and perseverance!

…Fill that Need

7th graders today had the opportunity to make emergency Paracord bracelets for Operation Gratitude and learn about the water issues in East Africa through the company Well Aware. Students had the opportunity to practice carrying jerry cans full of water to see what the women and young girls in Africa have to do daily to get clean water for their families. It was an incredible experience for our kiddos, especially after our loss of water a few weeks ago!

See a Need…

The 7th-graders spent their day making fleece blankets for the Linus Project and writing letters to patients at Dell Children’s Medical Center and “Dear Hero” letters to our active-duty troops overseas. We spent lots of time outside in the beautiful weather and had lots of fun reuniting with friends after two weeks of remote schooling!