Central Texas Food Bank – Day 4

We began the day by pulling up to the serving location and help to unload the food bank’s truck. After setting up for distribution, the team divided again into cart runners and food handlers. The team worked for over 2 hours and distributed over 16,000 pounds to 307 households.


Central Texas Food Bank – Day 2

On Tuesday, the central Austin Food Bank Go Week group went to the warehouse of the food bank to package the food for distribution. Alongside the fifth grade class, we split into multiple groups to carry out different tasks. From dismantling boxes to inspecting food, the students took up all manner of jobs with the primary goal of giving families clean and safe food.

Central Texas Food Bank – Day 1

We arrived at the distribution location and helped to assemble the folding tables. After getting the station set up we divided ourselves into servers and cart handlers. The servers would help fill the bags and give food to the people in line while the cart people would help take items to the cars and assisted with the loading of bags.