Foster Village- Day 4

On our last day of Go Week, we came together to finish the backyard at the Foster Village.  This included staining the fence, completing the rock work for the patio, assembling a new sofa for their office, and taking a big load of trash to the city dump. Our team was so grateful to have teamed up with Holly from Foster Village to make an impact on the organization. We love Hyde Park and can’t believe the work we accomplished this week!


Round Rock Serving Center- Day 4

Mrs. Carlyle and Mrs. Adair‘s GoWeek groups finished indoor and outdoor projects today on the last days of serving. Old mulch and topsoil was shoveled, raked, and loaded into wheelbarrows then packed into cinder blocks used to enclose the gardens. New mulch was then laid around these gardens. The outdoor crew worked hard and finished a very rewarding week seeing the results of their labor come into fruition. The indoor students continued working to sort through the overwhelming amounts of donated clothing and books to help staff prepare their sales floors. The week was a huge success with bonds formed all around. 

Final Day – Nicole’s Place South

Wow! What a way for us to end our week of service!! We all met on top of the hill where our students built the fire pit, and we had a chapel service around a campfire. Students led us in worship and many shared about what the week meant to them. We received some letters of thanks from the residents as well as this beautiful painting they made for us. God definitely was in our midst this morning as we were reminded of the redeeming love He has for all of us. 


Nicole’s Place South – Wednesday

Wednesday was filled with completing all the projects we started! We completed the fire pit and picnic area projects, completed the hammock area, and cleared a walking trail on the grounds for the residents to further enjoy all the natural beauty they are surrounded by while staying out there. We also continued to have some great conversations with the residents as well as have fun playing outdoor games with them.

Hand To Hold- Day 4

Eight sophomore girls, Mrs. Christopher and Mrs. Brandon, spent four days during GoWeek partnering with a non-profit organization called Hand To Hold. This non-profit offers “in-person” and “virtual” support groups and resources for NICU families. This international advocacy group reaches out to moms wrestling with the dire needs of their babies in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Hand To Hold provides tangible resources—-and we were invited to be a tiny part of that.

Round Rock Serving Center – Day 3

Mrs. Adair & Mrs. Carlyle advisories enjoyed seeing the fruits of their labor come into fruition on Wednesday. The students who worked outside finished removing old mulch from around the gardens and spreading new mulch. They finished various outdoor landscaping projects, and the results were beautiful! The students working in the food pantry were able to assist local residents with getting the items they need. This social interaction was extremely rewarding for both the students and the people coming into the shelter.