Thank you Notes for Local Police Officers

In Art class this week, students made thank you letters and art work to share with our local police offers and say thank you for all that they do to keep our community safe!


Kindergarten – Day 1

Today kindergarten students reflected the love and light of Christ by putting their heart into projects to help others. Today they sang at Westminster, a retirement home, showed so much kindness to the people there. We did a prayer walk through the courtyard and prayed for the people that live there. The students brought so much joy to everyone watching. We could see the light of Christ beaming from them!

“I sang and made cards for people.” – Daphne

Kindergarten 3/15/2019

What we DID: celebrate!! We ran for victory today. Victory of serving others with the same heart that Garland Benson had as he worked hard to raise 1 million dollars for his sister’s treatment to fight Batten disease.

We FEEL: excited, capable, and strong. We’ve worked hard to serve all week and we know God has given us strength to endure.

We EXPERIENCED: community, family, and a sense of belonging. It was awesome to run with our family and friends to celebrate the spirit of serving others.

Please PRAY: for a continued heart of service among these students. Pray this week ignites their hearts to desire to serve others because we have been given everything we need through Jesus.

Kindergarten 3/14/2019

We DID: the CULTURAL FAIR! Students both lead and explored classroom created ehibits of the countries that our High School Teams are currently at. Kinder recreated COSTA RICA giving 4k-2nd grade tates of plantain chips, smells of coffee beans, sounds of ocean waves and sights of tropical animals!

We FELT: PROUD to step into the roles of the teachers and allow the other classes a chance to learna nd experience Costa Rica!

We EXPERIENCED: first grades fabulous mask making in the BAHAMAS, second grades vibe of Jamcian life and 4Ks tates of Guatemala.

Please PRAY: That God would open the minds and hearts of these children in appreciation for other cultures and traditions. That these seeds would be planted and take root into hearts of faithful follows of Christ to reach the Nations!

Kindergarten-Wednesday, 3/13/19

What did we DO: We are all about activity today in Kindergarten.

  • We started our morning with an inspiring chapel led by 4th grade.
  • Then we worked on items for our cultural fair and did more learning about Costa Rica as we pray for our partner team and their work.
  • After that, we learned from two different organizations that help around our city. We listened to Partnerships for Children talk about their work to provide for basic needs of children. We colored encouraging rainbows to send their way. Then we listened to the vision of Food in Tummies as they talked about providing weekend meals for students in need.
  • Then we put our feet in action and walked with our second grade buddies to say thank you to our neighborhood fire fighters. We took treats and encouraging posters to let them know we care about the services they provide in our community.

How we FEEL: Honestly, we feel big. As some of the youngest students in our school, it can be hard to know that we make a difference. Seeing the smiles on the faces of others and knowing that our caring counts makes us feel like we belong here.

Special MOMENT: seeing all we have learned about safety and self-control pay off. Kindergarten can now walk down the street with our buddies and teachers knowing how to remain calm and in order. That’s big learning in action and it feels good to see how far we’ve come this year.

How you can PRAY for us: Please join us in praying for the ministries of Partnerships for Children and Food in Tummies as they serve children in need here in our city. Keep praying for the hearts of our Kindergarten students at Hyde Park as they learn to put the needs of others before their own. This is hard work. They are getting a little tired and we are praying for their endurance and perseverance as they learn all the amazing things they are capable of doing!

Kindergarten-Tuesday, 3/12/19

What did we DO:Lots of exciting events happened today in Kindergarten!

First, we heard all about what Ronald McDonald House is and how they served the Austin area.

Then, we were able to serve the Hyde Park Food Pantry by delivering two wagons worth of canned food! They loved getting a behind the scenes look at how the food pantry is run and how it helps our community.

Later, we bused over to Westminster to deliver hand crafted cards for the staff members. These men and women work tirelessly to support and care for their community. We are thankful for each of them!

How did we FEEL: “This is so much fun!” This quote could be heard all day long in the Kinder classrooms. They loved learning about different service projects. Students enjoyed having the opportunity to travel to Hyde Park Food Pantry and Westminster to see the impact they are making through this week. What a fun day!

Special MOMENT: After hand delivering our cards to the staff members of Westminster, Kindergarten gathered in front of the building to pray for the staff and residents. It was a sweet time to ask God to watch over this community.

How you can PRAY for us: Keep the staff members of Ronald McDonald House, Hyde Park Food Pantry and Westminster residents and staff in your prayers. Pray with us as we ask for God’s protection over each community and their impact on our Austin community! Also, please continue to pray for our Kinder kiddos as they grow in having a heart of service and love for others.

Kinder, March 11, 2019

What did we DO: Kinder used a lot of team work today creating their Costa Rica Visuals for the Cultural Fair on Thursday. Using rip art to create a giant flag, water colors for the country and string red, white and blue paper strips to make a giant paper chain. We also discussed how we would serve and show our appreciation for the AMAZING Haute Lunch team! The students hand delivered cards to each worker.

How did we FEEL: The students were eager to create cards that exemplified their best work, knowing how it would make the reviever feel.

Special MOMENT: Students were all SMILES running up to hand deliver their cards.

How you can PRAY for us: Keep Haute Lunch staff memebers in your prayers. They have worked so hard to create a lunchroom enviroment where they know your students names, take the extra step to theme the lunchroom to the season or holiday and always have an extra lunch for your child when they have forgotten one.