Rockport: Day 4

As we work from a restful and reflective night, the panthers got on the bus to several RV parks, such as at 28.02685, -97.08720 , and finally ended up at the airport storage at 28.09287 , -97.04108. Cut and paste the latitude and longitude decimal degrees into google maps.

11 am At Larry’s with the panther’s recon group…
Finding small motor remains, field mice, Larry’sfrogs and encouraging team mates at
During the past two days…the panthers filled six trailers….

Isaiah 64:8 But now, O LORD, You are our Father, We are the clay, and You our potter; And all of us are the work of Your hand.

Rockport was blessed with fair weather during the team building in the morning. By the afternoon, Roy, the HP bus driver, brought us to the Corpus Christi beach to bond through scooter trips, volleyball, softball, and talking at Whataburger.


Rockport: Day 3

This week the panthers have been supporting Hands of Hope. The city of Rockport waived dumping fees this week, so the panther’s service is to help clean and move items to storage or to the city dump. After the debrief, these in-house panthers slowly warmed to the idea of sorting the driveway piles into metals, brush, and house.

After dinner, Zach, our local lead, and Jason brought the panthers for reflection on the lifestyles and attitudes of Larry, a retired small engine repairman, and Harriet, a grandmother and owner of several mobile homes.

In the evening group, the panthers talked about their service and observations about both peoples circumstances and their attitudes on their service. The sunburnt and slightly lacerated panthers service did provide a change in heart for one of the helpees. The other helpee from the onsite, had the resources to provide barbecue and beverages to those who were tattooed by the Texas sun.

28.09285 , -97.04108 is the airport storage location

Backyard before we started…..
The recon group which was led by Mr. Calcott in the morning…
Greg cutting 20 inch tall grass…
Juliet enrolled in Garden Tools 101
Backyard almost done, moved 15+ old lawnmowers to trailer…
Greg and Wyatt with a friend
Piercing a tire…ha ha (his name is Pierce)

Rockport: Day 2

Up by 7 am and these 9th panthers (about half of them are new to goWeek concept) find out two other teams are supporting Hurricane relief to Rockport. Being content with the food provided is the first challenge of the day and having a positive attitude on how we are going to serve is the next challenge.

Packing Lunch
Before 10:15 am
Working together
Done… after 2:45 pm

Day 1: Rockport!

Leaving HP
SOS – SOlumn on Seven Showers

Zach from Joshua Expeditions speaks to the group about accommodations and potential service projects.

Entering Rockport
Trying To Gel As A Team – many attempts to have a Jump! Photo…oh well…..
5:35 pm. Rockport Pier

The group chatted from Austin to Rockport. We arrived at 28.03986 , -97.05370 (Paste the values in Google Maps ). to eat and sleep. We have two other volunteer groups staying at church with limited showers and natural air conditioning. As I reflect on the Exodus.. I can barely imagine how both leaders and followers waited to see, hear, smell, taste on the experiences that will unfold …….

Happy Meal !