2nd Grade – Day 1

Tomorrow, 2nd grade is heading over to Pillow Elementary to read with their Pre-K 4 students.  In preparation, the second graders read to our own 4K students today!  We had the chance to show 4K students new words and numbers from the books that they might not have known which could have inspired them to read more and grow their love for reading. We showed them love by smiling and using kind words the entire time! We have not had many chances to partner with the 4K group specifically this year so it was fun to see their faces light up when they met someone new and read silly books together. Each 2nd grader had a big smile on their face the entire time we were reading. The joy in the classroom was evident from start to the end!

“We read a Dr. Seuss book to our 4K friends to practice for going to Pillow Elementary tomorrow and it was fun for 4K.” – Caroline