8th Grade – Day 2 (pt2)

These 8th graders can’t be stopped!  Yesterday, they built a trail.  Today they are serving those who protect and serve by washing police cars.  They are having a blast!  This is a fun way to thank our first responders.  Tomorrow, we will join up with another 8th grade group and wash more cars at another police station.


8th Grade – Day 2 (pt1)

Our 8th grade boys went back to Capitol School today. They cleaned out the sport court and playscapes. They also did some landscaping, filling up more than 20 bags of yard debris!

The students were very excited to play basketball on a fresh court!

As a team leader, I enjoyed watching the boys dig in and work hard on the second day. It can be challenging to work diligently when you’re tired and worn out, but these boys stayed strong and got the job done!

8th Grade – Day 1 (pt2)

Today some of our 8th grade boys went to Capitol School, a school for students who learn differently.  They weeded and landscaped the playground.  It was hard work!  The playground was in a central park of the school, so many students were able to watch as the boys were working.  We were so proud of the example these young men set for the younger students at Capitol School.  They stayed focused, finished the project, and are excited to see what’s in store for tomorrow!

8th Grade – Day 1 (pt1)

Some of our 8th graders served the Williamson County parks department today.  They helped to build a trail in Southwest Regional Park in Leander, Texas.  The students were all cheerfully moving mulch and built about half a mile of trail!  It was heartwarming to see how wonderful the students’ attitudes were throughout the day.  We talked about the importance of planting a seed.  While we didn’t see the trail get finished today, we know that it will be in the park and that people will enjoy God’s creation for years to come!