Day 4: Finishing strong

This was our last full day in Galveston before departure on Friday. We spent most of the day working on small projects, walking through the neighborhood again learning about ourselves and the people. We even were able to pray for people and hear stories about leaders on the trip that went through life struggles similar to what we see in Galveston. We learned! In the afternoon, we went back to street camp to play with the kids. We had a blast playing games, throwing paper airplanes, singing songs, listening to a quick bible story, and doing crafts one on one until it was time to say goodbye.

There were some tears and special goodbyes as we left for the day. You could tell by the reflection time that some of the kids really loved on us well too.

During our nightly download and devotional time, we shared words of affirmation and encouragement with one another. Each and every person in the room was called and known by name. Though the changes may be subtle and small, God definitely was able to get into the hearts of everyone on this trip, even those who flat out refused to have anything to do with prayer or devotional time. Whether it was for attention or a deep seed of rebellion, we will not know at this moment but one day, the seeds that were planted this week will grow. They will bear fruit. They will make a difference in someone’s life. Here’s to great week of service and quality time in Galveston!



Galveston, Day 2: Lots of lessons to be learned…

In life, we all face difficulties. Hardships and trials are not new to any human that has walked this Earth. Regardless of what we have been through, we have to keep making it through life the best we can. For many of us, we draw our strength from Christ. For others, they may draw their strength from the love of others or from the smile of a distant friend.

Today, we wondered how strangers could behave so familiar with us. How they could run to hug us as if we were life long friends. We wondered how people could go through difficult situations and still desire to love. Everyone wants to be loved. We sanded tables, we cleared gutters, we facilitated games, we painted faces, we gave hugs and had laughs all in the name of Jesus and all for the benefit of the kingdom. Remember, non ministrare sed ministrare (not to be served, but to serve).

Day 1, Galveston: Full of Love and Fun

Today, we got down to business and arrived this afternoon in Galveston to begin working with an amazing team and some sweet children. The GUM team gave us the rundown on how the activities at the park were going to go and showed us their hearts.

The kids did not hesitate to jump in and overcome the awkward moments. They LOVED on those kids and the kids loved them back! Such a blessing to watch them interact and jump into action without much notice.

We were able to hear the highs and lessons from today in our download time. The kids recognized the openness of the kids and just how fortunate they are to have the life they have on this Earth. Day 1 was a success.