Nicole’s Place North- Day 1

Student’s did a good amount of landscaping: pulling weeds, shoveling rocks, and shoveling some more rocks! They spent most of the day clearing out the flower beds, putting down weed barrier and rocks over it to make it look prettier. They also started painting a wall in front of the house! It will be super colorful and and fun when they are done.


Nicole’s Place South- Day 1

Some of our high school seniors started the morning learning about the mission of the home as well as meeting the residents. The students began making a firepit as well as clearing land for a picnic table area. They sorted donations for the start of a store for the residents to shop from, constructed storage cubby cabinets, dug up dead landscaping, planted new landscaping, and created and painted a pickleball court.  Amongst all the hard work, the students managed to have fun interacting and playing some basketball and volleyball with the residents as well.

Round Rock Serving Center- Day 1

Mrs. Carlyle’s 10th grade boys advisory and Mrs. Adair‘s ninth grade girls advisory served at the Round Rock Serving Center. Students did outdoor landscaping tasks to help in the gardens that they grow for the community. . Students also sorted clothing donations, unloaded food trucks and completed other tasks as needed.