4K- Day 4

For the last day of GOWeek, 4K created and delivered thank you notes to the police officers who serve as crossing guards at Hyde Park. We are so thankful for community helpers; Thank you police officers!


4K- Day 2

Today our class watched this week’s elementary chapel. Mrs. Suhr challenged our school to look for ways to show God’s love to others as part of this year’s GOWeek! In response, our class made special awards for the Kindergarten classes for doing a great job using sign language and singing “Love in Many Languages” during today’s chapel. We delivered the awards and said good job to each of the Kindergarten classes this afternoon. Below are pictures of the awards our class made. Yay for showing God’s love to our friends at school.

Kindness Quilt

Today 4K friends made a kindness quilt in honor of GoWeek. They listened to a story called The Kindness Quilt. Students took turns sharing ways to show kindness. Afterward, everyone made their own patch to add to the kindness quilt. It was a fun way to kick off GoWeek!