2nd Grade- Day 4

Second graders enjoyed a Valentines party a little late! Fun was still had by all and the anticipation of waiting made it even better!


2nd Grade- Day 3

Today the 2nd graders completed their cards for one of our Hyde Park friend’s battling cancer. We were even able to deliver them to him in person at the end of the day!

We also had the opportunity to film personal thank you videos for our HP teachers and staff to thank them for all the hard work and love they have shown us this year. We love our HP community!

2nd Grade- Day 2

Today we served by making pictures to encourage a sweet Hyde Park boy who has been battling cancer.  The class had fun drawing all of the boy’s favorite foods and animals.  We know that many kids are facing battles similar to the one our sweet friend is. We will also be exploring the impact of cards on children battling illness at St. Judes by sending virtual messages to them